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Confident Businesswoman

Executive Coaching

C-Suite Coach can help accelerate your career advancement and help you identify specific strategies to thrive at work, overcome obstacles and meet your goals. 

  • Inclusion and equity are embedded in our coaching practice.
    Our coaches coach everyone and leverage their experiences to bridge connections with clients from all communities. We also know the value of finding a coach with shared lived experiences in creating psychological safety in developmental engagements. As a result, C-Suite Coach has carefully curated a diverse network of experienced coaches who are particularly passionate about developing talent from all populations of today's workforce.
  • Our vetted team of certified coaches brings global experience and expertise.
    Our coaches bring leadership and coaching experience from a wide variety of industries – including corporate, entrepreneurial, higher education, military service and nonprofits/non-governmental organizations (NGOs). All are highly credentialed, whether from the International Coaching Federation, PhDs in organizational behavior and related fields, and certifications on a multitude of assessments and specialties, including DEI.
  • We leverage technology to make virtual coaching engagements more efficient.
    Our coaches leverage technology that enables easy scheduling, automated reminders, survey feedback, and video appointments for client convenience. We also capture data in aggregate to uncover critical themes related to your developmental goals and growth opportunities. These themes allow us to enhance our coaching by providing targeted resources to you and professional development topics to our coaches.

How It Works

​Our Coach Network

Our Coaches

While our coaches can – and have – coached professionals from all backgrounds and organizational levels, we’ve carefully curated a network of coaches to reflect diverse shared identities, lived experiences, and geographies. We’ll partner with you to identify your ideal coach, then you’ll quickly build an authentic connection with your coach as you embark on a three- or six-month engagement. 

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