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C-Suite Coach is a vendor for Google. We proudly source and support small business coaches who are skilled at developing and training diverse entrepreneurs through Grow with Google’s Digital Coaches Program. Grow with Google Digital Coaches provide digital skills training and coaching to help Black and Latinx small businesses reach new customers, thrive online, and grow.

The program is currently in 18 markets (Georgia, Austin, Alabama, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Texas, California, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, New York, Arizona, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Missouri, DMV). If you believe this is a need in your state and it is not listed above please feel free to complete the form linked below.

This is an ideal contract for a small business owner staffed through C-Suite Coach. This is not a full-time job and you will be on month to month fee structure, based on completion of monthly expectations.

Desired skills and qualifications:
  • Small business owner who currently lives in city of hire 

  • Track record of community mentorship and coaching of diverse businesses

  • Established credible relationships in the community

  • Expert communicator and facilitator (video examples required)

  • Passion for bridging the ‘digital divide’

  • Track record of using Google digital marketing tools to grow their own business/program, Google Ads experience a plus

  • Experience in sales or lead generation, knows how to use CRM effectively

  • Experienced in hosting events for diverse communities / self-starter who can independently market and host virtual workshops or events with minimal support

  • Self-motivated, flexible under pressure, and possess strong communications & interpersonal skills

  • Strong organizational skills  and ability to manage contacts, leads, feedback, etc.

  • Ability to understand and follow process flows and operational protocols

Contract Requirements (by month)
  • Offer an average of 3 programs with external partners to a minimum audience of 150 participants

  • Collect participant feedback from events to help improve program and training experience

  • Promote related materials on social channels with #digitalcoaches #growwithgoogle

  • Send at least 2 newsletters or promotions to your local audience with event updates and program highlights

  • Submit training summaries including workshop details, impact metrics, learner highlights, and photos 

  • Source local compelling stories from each program that can be celebrated and amplified at large

For more information on the work Coaches have done, you can explore #digitalcoaches on instagram and twitter or visit the program’s website

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