3 Apps You Need To Power Through Your Busy Workday

At our recent Networking Reception and Power Panel, in celebration of our one year- anniversary, we asked our guests to anonymously write down their professional goals and challenges. As we looked through the guest contributions, we realized that many guests shared the same struggles and wanted to achieve the same goals.

In effort to help with the challenges our audience is facing and aid in the achievement of their goals, we wanted to address the themes we saw repeatedly. Focus and prioritization was a challenge that came up repeatedly for our guests. Between regular work tasks, social media engagement, emails, phone calls, and daily stresses, it can be hard to manage time effectively. We’ve put together a list of the top 3 apps that help you stay focused and prioritize events and tasks whether its for your personal or professional life.


Making a to-do list may seem archaic but having a tangible list of things to get done is the best way to stay focused. There’s nothing more satisfying then checking something off your list. When you go old school and use pen and paper, you run the risk of leaving your list behind and getting off track, but with the TeuxDeux app, you can bring your list with you everywhere. The highly customizable app allows you to bold, italicize and rearrange your lists to prioritize and maximize your time. The app also allows you to create separate lists allowing you to further prioritize things that need to be done right now and those that can wait.

Bill Organizer

Whether you’re trying to curtail your own personal spending or that of your business, money management is key. Bill Organizer allows you to sync due dates for your bills with multiple calendars and create notifications for reoccurring bills. The app is a great place to store your confirmation numbers and look at monthly reports of how your money was spent.

*This app was co-founded by Nnanna Obuba and Chidi Oparah #PoCiT


If you’ve ever used Blackboard at school then you already have some idea of how Workday works. From midsize companies to Fortune 500 companies, Workday allows employees to create user profiles to submit peer reviews and give feedback on projects and assignments. Let’s say you need to get in contact with a specific person from your company’s marketing team. Simply open the app, click on teams and search through marketing. The app provides you with their contact info and projects they are working on, as well as employee feedback on previous projects they’ve done. It’s a great way to get internal feedback on employees who you might have to collaborate with in the future.

*This app was designed by Frances Liddell #PoCiT

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