A C-Suite Take On Negotiation

Jocelynne Rainey, Chief Administration Officer for Brooklyn Navy Yard has a human resources career that spans over 20 years across various sectors. She is an expert in recruiting, benefits, onboarding, and performance management. She is such a guru in HR that she casually drops gems in her social media feed. When we saw her most recent post on how young people should be thinking about the hiring process, it was too good to keep it to ourselves. Jocelynne gave us permission to share.

<Just this morning I completed negotiating with someone I offered a key position. I learn so much through negotiation with applicants.

Here's a few quick tips for you to share with young people you know in the job search process.

  1. Looking for a job is a full time job.

  2. When you are scheduled for an interview use your time to research the business, the hiring manager, etc... Go deep.

  3. Don't use your time worrying about negotiating salary, benefits, travel etc... All you should worry about is getting the offer. WOW them with your knowledge ☺️.

  4. Once you get the offer you are the one they want. You have a lot of power at this point.

  5. Almost always there is something left off the table for negotiating when the offer is made. On the rare occasion a hiring manager tells you there is nothing to negotiate, don't.

  6. You can always decline an offer. I have had people decline offers and hiring managers go back to them months later and give them what they wanted. There are no hard feelings if you are professional and thoughtful when declining.

Many years ago, I declined an offer at a non-profit because the salary was too low. The CEO asked me why I declined. I said the salary was too low. She responded, "Everything is negotiable."

The state of college educated young people being unemployed and underemployed is dire. 40% of all college educated young people are struggling and over 50% of African American young people in the same category. We, parents of college grads, have to be diligent advisors. Hope this helps one of my babies. >

Thanks for sharing these helpful insights Jocelynne. It's paramount that young professionals realize they also have leverage and should be taking steps to make sure they are making purposeful decisions when navigating their careers.

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