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3 Job Interview Tips for Introverts

"The job search process can be nerve-wracking at any stage: Prepping a stand-out resume and cover letter, taking tests, or acing a series of interviews. The interviews can be the biggest hurdle if you’re an introvert.

“The big secret in interviews is people don’t actually hire the most qualified person,” says Lindsay Mustain, a career coach, and former Amazon recruiter. “They hire who they like the most.”

For a reserved and quiet person who might take time to open up, making that favorable interview impression could present some challenges. With that in mind, the key job interview tip career experts have for introverts is to prepare."

Work on your ‘conversation starters’

“If you have any sort of social anxiety or discomfort,” says Angelina Darrisaw, a career coach and founder and CEO of C-Suite Coach, “one of the things that can help is just being very prepared” for whatever talk comes up.

Interviews often start with more relaxed conversation or small talk. To prepare, research both the company you’re interviewing with and, more specifically, the people who will be interviewing you. Darrisaw recommends LinkedIn as a tool to learn about them.

“Maybe you both went to state schools,” she says. “Maybe you both were in a similar kind of sorority or organization. But those are the sorts of things that can be conversation starters.” Think about the sorts of social questions you want to ask, and any relevant stories you might want to share.

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