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3 Ways You Can Support Your Network Right Now


Money isn't the only way to add value to your network. Now more than ever small businesses are seeking strategies on how to engage with their customers and convert potential clients. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with your community and remind them why they selected you to join their network in the first place. 

Adding value to your network is how your business bounces back when the social distance economy is over. Below are a few simple ways you can use your skills to display your value:

Write a Review or Testimonial - Remember all the times a small business in your network provided you with above and beyond service? Well now is the time to share that experience, write a review on their website or their business page on Google. 

Promote on Social Media -  Hitting the share or like button on social media takes no more than 2 seconds, but doing this will show your network that you have not forgotten about them. 

Volunteer your Services -Sometimes we forget how worth. Remember your network connected with you because they saw you as a resource and values your ability.

You can also find additional networking tips from this CNBC + Acorns article featuring C-Suite Coach CEO, Angelina Darrisaw.



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