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How C-Suite Coach Can Help You Address Racism At Work

It was hard to be at work yesterday. It is hard to work, build a business, or even function when you are blatantly shown examples that your life is not valued in the country you live in. But this isn't new. America was built on racism and we've been dealing with it in and out of work for longer than most of us can remember. In fact, the term "microaggression," used to describe the dismissals and injuries Black people and other marginalized groups face at work has now existed for 40 years. 

When C-Suite Coach launched in 2015, the mission was centered on developing leaders who understand the devastation and trauma caused by 400 years of oppression in this country and do everything in their power to create inclusive environments where we ALL have an opportunity to thrive. That has not changed and we know that we need this work now more than ever. 

We have created and delivered conscious inclusion trainings since 2015 and we continue to do this work to fight racism in office spaces and in everyday lives. Our work has extended beyond corporations -- last year, we traveled to Virginia and North Carolina to deliver conscious inclusion, gender equity and other bias trainings to fire and public safety departments, police departments. There is so much more to do here but we are working to serve all industries to make work better and more equitable for everyone. 

Many in our networks who work at corporations and other organizations have reached out today to express that they are feeling a burden as one of the only to create resources for their larger teams. If that is not part of your job description, you do not have to feel tasked with that work. We are here to support you and have the resources needed to do so. 

Our training areas include a range of topics, but particularly relevant now are trainings for fostering inclusion & equitable treatment on teams and developing resiliency as members of underrepresented groups at work. If you need help and your organization / company is demonstrating a commitment to wanting to do something to improve your work community, please reach out to us. This is how we best serve and carry forward in our mission to create equity in workplaces. 

One of the things that grounds me when I'm feeling overwhelmed / anxious by the world's lack of acknowledgment of my humanity, as we've seen with the senseless acts of violence that killed George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others before them, is reading the words of leaders who contributed to progress that we have seen so far. As June marks a celebration of LGBTQ Pride, I want to be sure to center the voice of a queer leader. 

Audre Lorde said in 1980, "When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then It becomes less important whether I am afraid."

In this season, I hope we all find ways to conquer the fear that comes with leading in scary times. Each one of us is needed in this fight for equity. 

Finally, here are some resources I've found helpful that I recommend you to share / leverage as well. 



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