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Building more confident and self-aware leaders with C-Suite Coach

Client Success Story

For many organizations, career development can get pushed to the back-burner as the demands of the day-to-day take priority over personal improvement. But what happens when senior leaders aren’t given space and resources to help them navigate the next steps in their careers? They can become complacent, disillusioned, or unmotivated — which has a ripple effect on the entire organization.

The Situation

A top U.S.-based e-commerce company recognized the risk of not supporting their leaders’ development. They reached out to C-Suite Coach to get ahead of this and provide their senior leaders with tools and resources to navigate their careers and personal growth.

The C-Suite Coach Method in Action

C-Suite Coach worked with the company to develop a six-month 1:1 coaching program for their employees. C-Suite Coach factored in the client’s core company principles, organization priorities, and research-backed coaching insights to co-create a bespoke program and coaching plan for their senior leaders. Leveraging the C-Suite Coach network of coaches, the leaders were matched with a coach based on their personal background and areas of desired development. Coaches helped clients align their goals with their purpose through self-exploration and gap assessments, identify blind spots and developmental opportunities and define a customized roadmap to improve identified areas of opportunity and a plan to achieve what is desired next.

Our Impact

At the end of the six-month program, 100% of the company's senior leader participants reported having:

  • More realistic and attainable career goals

  • An increased awareness about their career trajectory

  • Increased confidence to go forward in navigating their career

Interested in working with C-Suite Coach to develop a coaching or training program for your organization? Contact us today!



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