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C-Suite Coach 2021 Press Recap

Check out all of our press articles from this year:


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CEO Angelina Darrisaw Shares How Resilience Became The Superpower She Harnessed To Push Her Business Forward - Forbes

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Black-owned startup NeoHealth to participate in Google initiative - BizJournal

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This is the ‘most obvious’ thing missing from the racial wealth gap conversation, Black experts say - Grow

How MLB & clubs are observing and celebrating Black History Month - MLB


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'If you want a raise, you better learn how to ask': Barbara Corcoran's 3 steps for getting a raise - MSN & Grow

It's the Marketing for Us - Sparked by Spain Podcast


Accepting stock options in lieu of higher pay is ‘Russian Roulette,’ says career coach: What you need to know - Grow

Black Enterprise 40 Under 40 - Black Enterprise


‘You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you ask for’: 3 expert new-job negotiating tips - Grow

CULTURECON To Emplpwer 10k Creatives of Color With Virtual Experience - Black Enterprise


Forbes The Next 1000 - Forbes

The best question to ask at the end of a job interview, and more tips to help you ‘knock it out of the park’ - Grow

‘Don’t Expect Overnight Success’: Why Business Success Takes Consistent Effort - US Chamber of Commerce


Does a job seem too good to be true? 3 ways to detect if it is, during and after the interview - CNBC

‘Be willing to walk away’: 6 Black women career coaches on negotiating your salary and countering a low offer - CNBC

How much money a large home would cost you in the 3 most populous U.S. states - Grow

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The best question to ask at the end of a job interview, and more tips to help you ‘knock it out of the park’ - Grow


Interruptions at work might actually lead you to like your job more, research shows - Grow

Meet Angelina Darrisaw | Founder and CEO, C-Suite Coach - Shoutout Atlanta


How long is it smart to stay at a job? A lot ‘can’t be accomplished in less than a year,’ expert warns - Grow

4 tips for handling burnout at work, according to the author of ‘Laziness Does Not Exist’ - Grow

What not to say when asking for a raise, according to career experts - Grow