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C-Suite Coach Hires A Chief Coaching Officer! 🥳

Important C-Suite Coach Network Announcement:


C-Suite Coach sources coaches and manages coaching programs for Fortune 500 companies and other large organizations seeking to develop Black and Latino talent both within and outside of their organization. When we announced our 1:1 coaching services, the idea was to offer coaching packages with the same highly vetted and curated coaches that work with our large company partners for individuals. From the moment Angelina launched C-Suite Coach seven years ago, the mission of this organization has been to make career advancement and equity in the workplace a reality for all. We continue to do this work through our 1:1 coaching, C-Suite Coach Chats, training, and more opportunities.

As we continue to grow, we've just taken an important step in our evolution: creating a dedicated Chief Coaching Officer role to support and manage our network's expansion.

We could not be more thrilled to announce that C-Suite Coach Network member Marcelle Fowler has agreed to serve as acting Chief Coaching Officer over the next six months. Marcelle brings over 30 years of experience in corporate organizational effectiveness and talent development and nearly ten years as a certified leadership coach. Marcelle has coached and advised diverse groups of front-line managers, new hires, C-Suite executives, and US Navy Commanders within the US and Japan throughout her career. We know this combination of coaching and business experience will be invaluable as we grow together.

Please join us in thanking Marcelle for taking on this expanded role within our C-Suite Coach Network!


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