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C-Suite Coach Network: Invest In Your Success!

C-Suite Coach Network - 1:1 Coaching

A transformative 1:1 coaching experience.

Since 2015 our vision has been to make career advancement and equity in the workplace accessible for all. We have provided free equity programming to over 60,000 small business owners and staffed coaches and provided training for companies like Google, MLB, NYU, and more. In June 2020, we saw a substantial increase in demand for coaching for diverse talent from large companies and decided to launch our network to push towards our mission. Our transformative experience re-imagines the adult learning experience and offers maximum impact for diverse working professionals and small business owners.


Why Invest?

Whether you are seeking advancement in your current role, learning more about your needs to thrive at work, or just wanting to explore what it will take to meet your goals, a C-Suite Coach helps you chart your course. Make decisions with a purpose and a plan. Be more than good, be great.

Want your company to sponsor you? We have curated a training request letter for you to send to your boss.

Training_Request_Letter (1)
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Who's On Our Team?

Our team of diverse, experienced, and committed professionals are dedicated to the C-Suite Coach mission, increasing access and developing the talents of our clients.


What Do We Offer?

Interested in starting your 1:1 coaching journey? Respond to this email!

Designed for upper-level professionals who are looking to recharge their careers.


Designed for medium-level professionals looking to increase job stability and break into an executive position.


Designed for entry-level professionals looking to break into a leadership position.



We're Hiring!

Digital Coaches are high-networked individuals and trusted members of their communities. This is an ideal role for an existing small business owner who has demonstrated a passion for helping other Black/LatinX business owners grow and is already using digital tools for their own company. (Note: these are not full-time roles).


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