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Connecting To Your Calling

Happy Monday and Happy Pride!

Can you believe there are only a few days left in Q2?

Start off Q3 the right way, by signing up for our C-Suite Coach Network! We'll maximize your personal and professional potential by assisting you to create your own plan for effectively making progress on your goals.

June is also Pride month! This month we pay tribute to the Stonewall Riots and celebrate everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Fast Company: Work Habits We Shouldn't Lose In Our New Normal

"The pandemic changed the way we work in very profound and wide-ranging ways. Some people immediately became remote workers, navigating the challenges of blending their home and work lives. Others kept reporting to their place of employment, facing myriad concerns ranging from safety to new demands and ways of working.

Facing these changes and challenges was no small task. They changed us in a number of ways."

“Because there were so many changes unfolding quickly, executives were more transparent, consistent, and detailed in communications with employees than many had been in the past,” says Angelina Darrisaw, founder, and CEO of the C-Suite Coach.


LIVE: Job Searching Advice w/ Acorns & CNBC

Angelina will be chatting LIVE about navigating the job market! Follow along next Monday, at @linadarrisaw.


Invest In Your Success with the C-Suite Coach Network!

C-Suite Coach is launching a new platform with 1:1 coaching opportunities for working professionals and business owners on June 30th.

Whether you are seeking advancement in your current role, learning more about your needs to thrive at work, or just wanting to explore what it will take to meet your goals, a C-Suite Coach helps you chart your course. Make decisions with a purpose and a plan. Be more than good, be great.


Our Packages

The Path to Promotion package is designed for entry-level professionals with high ambition! If you are looking to chart your path to a leadership position, our expert coaches are dedicated to supporting your professional growth. You will receive guidance to help you develop a customized roadmap for tackling your next steps. In addition, our coaches will help you unlock your potential by assessing your network, reviewing your executive presence, and identifying leadership gaps you can penetrate.

If you are a mid-career professional and you are ready for that next role or salary increase, this package is for you!

Getting to the Money is a 3-month engagement designed to help you articulate your business value. Our coaches will help you develop a personal elevator pitch to help your leaders understand who you are, what you want, and what they need to know. This engagement will explore the core of who you are and help you with actionable steps to break into your next position and tax bracket!

The Connecting to Your Calling Package is designed for senior professionals looking to navigate their next steps. This engagement is designed to help clients align their goals with their purpose through self-exploration and gap assessments. Our coaches will work with clients to identify blindspots and developmental opportunities and define a customized roadmap to improve identified areas of opportunity and a plan to achieve what’s desired next.


Grow (Acorns + CNBC): Side Hustles That Solve Problems

If you’re looking for a side hustle or part-time work, helping companies solve issues stemming from staffing shortages and other problems could be smart. “Ask yourself, ‘What is the problem that needs to be solved right now? Where can I fit in as a part of the solution?’” says Angelina Darrisaw, a career coach and founder and CEO of C-Suite Coach.


Grow with Google: You Don't Want to Miss This!

Grow with Google Digital Coaches is offering FREE classes all month long to help you scale your business. Remember, you can register for as many classes as you need. Register Here.


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