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Getting Back On Track After The Holidays!

If 2020 taught us one thing, it is that we have to prepare ourselves to be ready to pivot as needed. It's far from easy, but learning one's transferable skills / having the flexibility to make changes to one's plan is key to sustaining a crisis. With 2021 here, we should focus our attention on the challenges coming our way and how to convert them into opportunities.

Getting Back on Track After the Holidays

Experiencing the Blue Monday feeling? It can feel overwhelming to get back into the groove of working if you've had a long time off. Ciphering through all of those unread emails and prioritizing tasks can be tedious. We've seen some executives post that they have deleted all unread emails and starting all over. If you have that luxury, go for it!! But if you don't, we know exactly how you feel.

In an article last year in Forbes, we discuss how reviewing your goals can help you stay connected to the actions you have to commit to complete them.

"If you’re not happy with your current day job, clarifying what useful role it may still play in your life can be a good reminder why holding onto your job may actually be worth it. “One way to cope with the challenges of Blue Monday is to have a clear understanding of what your goals are and how the role you're currently in helps you to achieve those goals,” according to Angelina Darrisaw, Founder & CEO of C-Suite Coach.
For example, even if you don’t love the work you do, it may still provide you with stability that’s important to you or your family at this moment. Although you might not find your projects particularly engaging, your job may be enabling you to achieve an important financial goal. Your association with your company may also serve as a source of credibility as you build up relevant contacts for your next endeavor."

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And ICYMI, check out the link below to see us chat with Black Women Founders on pivoting in a pandemic, hosted by Angela Yee, Stacey Tisdale, and Shea Moisture.

You've got this! Happy New Year!

CEO Angelina Darrisaw joins Breakfast Club's Angela Yee, Stacey Tisdale of Wealth Wednesdays, and Shea Moisture to discuss pivoting in a pandemic.


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