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Does it make sense to negotiate in light of COVID?

Many of us are experiencing new economic challenges due to the current circumstances. Some of us have seen layoffs, furloughs, pay cuts, budget reductions and other changes in how business is being done. This may lead you to believe that negotiation should be off the table. In spite of the current climate, your worth and need to advocate for yourself should not take a backseat. This may not translate into only negotiating salary. If the company you are working for / negotiating with is cash strapped, there may still be other things to negotiate. Consider asking for additional training in areas that may make you more successful in your role (if you are newly remote, for instance, you may want tech trainings). If you will be working from home in lieu of an office, ask for equipment you may need at home to make your home office a more effective / productive space. If working from home means longer days, consider asking for a three day weekend. Think critically about what you need to be successful and fulfilled in your role and if it's not being offered, ask for it. 

Below are 3 techniques that you can use when negotiating:

  1. Align With Client Goals - Take time to focus on a client / company's vision. Listen closely to their goals and desired outcomes. Use that information to reinforce how you can amplify their mission and ask for what you need to be successful at the tasks needed to reach their goal. 

  2. Emphasize Your Value & Be Willing To Wait - Approach and timing still matter. Highlight why you are an essential part of the engine keeping your client / company moving forward and what your accomplishments in the relevant areas mean to the business. Industries that are doing well right now may have the opportunity to meet you financially where you'd like to be. Industries that are struggling may not immediately, but hearing you express your worth and value can pay off in other ways and at a later time, when the industry swings back. 

  3. Match Your Rate to the Market - Hold employers and clients accountable to disclosing their ranges for your services / salaries. Get creative about getting them to reveal their budgets, so that you are best positioned to not discount your worth. Instead of discounting your rate, match it to the current market value and request additional incentives based on what they disclose they can do for you.

Remember in life, we never get what we deserve - we get what we negotiate.



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