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Growth And Expansion

This week, we are excited to share some growth in our work. C-Suite Coach has partnered with Google since 2017 and since 2018, we've staffed, trained & managed coaches for the Google Digital Coaches program. Today, the program covers 13 markets and has trained over 50K Black and LatinX small business owners and professionals. We welcome two new coaches this week in the Bay and Cleveland and are excited to see this work expand.

We are incredibly grateful to all the coaches on our team because if the work we were doing didn’t work, it wouldn’t be worth expanding. We have a few new openings coming up, so if you have any business owners in your network who are passionate about supporting our communities this way, have them apply here.


New Coach Alert!

Welcome, Lindsay Sims our new Cleveland Google Digital Coach. Lindsay Sims is the Founder and CEO of Predictable Results Marketing. Lindsay has over 15 years of experience in instruction and instructional design and has been specializing in digital marketing implementation, instruction, training, and consulting for the past 10 years.


Join us in welcoming Pedro Garcia, our new San Francisco Bay Area Coach. Pedro is a native to the Bay Area with a passion for helping families achieve the American Dream. He strongly believes in promoting financial literacy and community involvement. Pedro earned his MBA in Finance from Santa Clara University. After working for over a decade in finance and banking, Pedro followed his dream of small business ownership, leaving the allure of wall street and creating Café Banc, a community hub and shared workspace.



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