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Happy Women's History Month! The Strength in Sisterhood

Way to kick off Women's History Month! Last week, TIAA appointed Thasunda Brown Duckett as their new president and CEO. Thasunda is now one of TWO, Black female CEO's of a Fortune 500 company, and the third in history. (Photo: Essence)

I have so much gratitude for all the shoulders I stand on. I have so much gratitude to my entire sisterhood of women who are so amazing! I am extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity to lead a company that has helped millions of people retire with ‘enough’ to live in dignity and excited about the opportunity to help TIAA chart its next 100 years. - Thasunda Brown Duckett

Grow with Google Small Business Meetup

If you missed the Grow with Google Small Businesses Meetup, click here to watch a replay of the full broadcast.


Check us out in Grow (Acorns + CNBC)!

Check us out in Grow's “3 tips for finding a new job in 2021, according to a C-suite career coach"

"Many Americans are rethinking their careers as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. More than a quarter (27%) say they are now more likely to try to find a new job and 25% say they are more likely to transition to an entirely new field, according to a recent survey of 2,006 adults by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors." Read Angelina's advice on career growth to find the right opportunity. Read more.


WPXI NBC Interview

Derrell Chapman, the owner of NeoHealth, first connected with Google through local programs as a student in Ann Arbor and now works with our Pittsburgh Digital Coach on a regular basis to expand his pharmaceutical business. Derrell and Angelina helped us spread the word about the ongoing workshops available to the Pittsburgh community, as well as the national Black Small Business Meetup. Watch the full interview here.


Look we're in AARP!

Check out our quote in AARP's latest interview "How to Feel Less Nervous When Interviewing for a Job."

During the interview, our CEO, Angelina Darrisaw recommends striking a power pose!

"Your body language can make you feel more confident, Darrisaw says. “Both in person as well as virtually, having that strong posture for yourself is something that makes you appear more confident,” she says. “And the way our brains work, how we feel, typically, or what we do with our bodies manifests in how we actually feel in that moment.” Before you respond to a question, take a deep breath and straighten your posture, which can make you feel more powerful."

Read the full article here.


Strength in Sisterhood

We now have data to support that exposure to entrepreneurship influences a person’s chance of pursuing that path. The Kauffman Foundation found that “before starting a business, more than half of all business owners had a family member who was self-employed, people who know entrepreneurs are more likely to become entrepreneurs, and that nearly a quarter of all entrepreneurs worked in a family business before acquiring it or starting one of their own.”

The Foundation also found that people of color have experienced lower rates of entrepreneurship in the past has an impact on our entrepreneurial aspirations today. In spite of this, black women are the fast-growing group of entrepreneurs in this country. So how are we doing this?

I tried to think back in my early childhood and adolescent years and count how many entrepreneurs I could think of that I knew personally, especially ones who I could see myself in. I could only think of one. The stats about limited exposure (and the other dynamics that deter diverse businesses from springing up) rang true for me, but I still managed to find the courage to leave a steady job with great pay and venture out into the world of the “high risk, undetermined reward.”


Bold women. Trailblazing women. Sacrificing women. Enterprising women. Unfiltered women. Hustling women. Boss women.

Read the full article "I Am Woman: On Entrepreneurship, Sisterhood, and the Strength in Black Women" on Inclusion Solution.


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