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How Can You Find Opportunity In The Midst Of So Much Disruption?

The Opportunity of Disruption

In any case, Frederick Douglas' words from 1857 still ring true today "If there is no struggle, there is no progress." While this size of struggle may be different for everyone, there has unquestionably been some struggle for most of us and with that in mind, we wanted to remind you of the progress that can be made even during a time of uncertainty. In fact, disruption is often a catalyst for growth and opportunity. 

The benefits of disruption include: innovation, new perspective, and opportunity for new revenue opportunities. 

What we are reading about disruption:

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The Invisible Hand: Why Fighting Systemic Racism Goes Beyond Consumer Buying and Funding

New businesses / initiatives we are following during this disruptive time: 

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Pull Up for Change

Often we look at a scenario / business issue from the angle that is most familiar to us. Disruption, though uncomfortable, allows us to shift our view / position and often drives new awareness. And that is where the progress often begins.