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How To Nail That Promotion Before The End Of The Month

Last week we gave you the tools to help get you back on track after the holidays. Now, we want to help you take that productivity to the next level.

In an exercise during one of our team meetings this week we took turns citing one word to describe our themes for 2021. Some stated words like unapologetic, inspiring, abundance, and balance. However, the most common word was growth. With 2020 being such a hard year for virtually everyone, many are looking to 2021 to take their careers to the next level and make themselves indispensable to their companies.

How to Nail That Promotion Before the End of the Month

In a previous article originally featured on, we discussed quantifying your wins and making yourself more marketable to your employers to propel you into your next promotion.

"If you want to make the case for a raise, you need to tell the story of how you’ve made money for the company and become more marketable over the year. Even if you’re not in the kind of job where you can use numbers to demonstrate your success, there are other ways to show how you’ve helped your company’s bottom line.
Angelina Darrisaw, our founder, and CEO, recommends describing how your achievements have contributed to the company’s success. Before your annual review, she says to take your brag sheet and use it to tell a story about your strengths and how you’ve exceeded expectations and furthered the company’s growth."

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If you're still unclear on where to start, here are 3 steps we recommend taking:

  1. List your top 3 career goals for 2021.

  2. Create a plan for making those goals come to life.

  3. Walk your manager through those lists with measurable benchmarks for success.


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