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How To Stand Out In Your Next Clubhouse/IG Live Event

Can you believe we are halfway through April?

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How to Standout in your next Clubhouse or IG Live

At the beginning of 2020, we experienced everything from virtual happy hours to virtual baby showers. We even saw the emergence of new platforms like Clubhouse, where people can connect on various topics from business to TV shows and personal experiences.

While we are slowly transitioning into in-person events, there is still a high velocity of virtual events. Recent studies have also shown that as virtual events continue, many attendees experience "zoom fatigue," making it harder to engage and impact people in the room.

How do you stand out in a panel from 5 to 15 people and make a lasting impression in the room?

Make a strong introduction. Who are you? What do you stand for? Why does this audience care? Introduce yourself with purpose and narrow it down to one or two places where the audience can learn more about you. Example: “I’m.... and you can follow my diversity and digital media tweets at @socialhandle and check out my career coaching business at” If you answer those questions in your introduction, people will be able to find you later easily. If you receive questions individually at the end of the panel, you will equip your audience to be more targeted in their asks of you.

Understand that less is more. A panel is different than a keynote. You are sharing the stage. Don’t be the panelist that drones on nonstop. Be concise and make your points quickly. Do this out of respect for the other panelists, as well as to keep your audience engaged. The listeners may want their questions answered, too, so avoid killing time by ensuring your responses are succinct and impactful.

Be relatable. Depending on the subject matter, anecdotes are usually a win and encouraged! The key is making sure your personal story has a takeaway that can apply to a broad audience. Don’t tell a story that no one can connect to. Read more on Huff Post


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