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ICYMI: C-Suite Coach Chats: Rethinking Imposter Syndrome with Minda Harts

Imagine you have been told either directly or indirectly for the majority of your life that your voice matters less, that you’re not as smart, not as deserving, not as capable. Imagine that was the assumption made about you every time you entered a room, sat down for a job interview, or asked for a raise. And inevitably, when the world has repeatedly doubted you and your abilities, you are likely to start doubting yourself. That plays out in a career over time. You speak up less, if at all, in meetings. You say, “I’m not ready for that,” when big opportunities come your way. You discount your worth in salary negotiations. When you receive awards or are complimented for your professional achievements, you say you are humbled and fail to recognize how worthy you are.

Join us for a talk on tactics to combat imposter syndrome and the importance of knowing your worth when navigating the workplace. This chat will feature C-Suite Coaches Marcelle Fowler and Sharahn LaRue McClung, C-Suite CEO and Founder Angelina Darrisaw, and Author and Workplace and Equity Consultant Minda Harts. C-Suite Coach sources coaches and provides DEI programming to Fortune 500 companies that are invested in supporting Black, LatinX, and women employees and business owners. C-Suite Coach has now staffed coaches and provided training programs for Google, Major League Baseball, NYU's Veteran Lab Accelerator, Zendesk, Oscar Health, Year Up, Omnicom, SEO, THowardF, Wayfair and many others.


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