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Making Your Workplace More LGBT Inclusive

Happy Tuesday and Happy Pride!

It is the first week of June, which means we are halfway through the year. Now is the time to check in with yearly goals and evaluate where you are and how to obtain them.

June is also the beginning of Pride month! This month we pay tribute to the Stonewall Riots and celebrate everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Forbes: Here Are 4 Ways Companies Can Make Workplaces More LGBTQ Inclusive

According to Guardian's Workforce 2020 report, nearly 12 million Americans identify as LGBTQ. Yet, while 6 in 10 employers say diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a priority for their company, only 1 in 3 employers have initiatives, policies, or a D&I team in place. The same report found 68% of American workers strongly agree it's essential to work for an employer that creates an inclusive workplace culture.

This initiative should not, and cannot, be led only by human resources. Leaders at all levels need to be on board and change their behaviors and language to engage others. There might be some turnover in the beginning, but that's to be expected with change. Contrary to popular belief, not all turnover is bad turnover. Good turnover helps rid those who aren't aligned with the culture and where the company is heading.

Update Policies And Ensure Inclusive Benefits