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MLB Event Wrap Up

MLB Wrap-Up: Register for our 2nd session below

This week we completed our first presentation in partnership with MLB and MLB Diversity Equity and Inclusion!

This presentation focused on providing Black business owners best digital strategy practices, best practices for B2B contracts, and insight into initiating business with MLB.

Google recently reported that the search for Black businesses has increased by 600% in the past year. However, COVID-19 has further stressed Black-owned businesses and may cause the racial wealth gap to widen. According to McKinsey and Company, Black business owners face issues of less capital, inaccessibility to professional services and support as compared to white counterparts.

Black business owners need institutional support financially and through digital capabilities training. Join us for our next session "Building Business Remotely, Presence and Virtual Networking" on February 17th at 1 PM EST to learn how to grow your business during a crisis and drive B2B proposal formats.


Grow with Google is celebrating Black History Month, on February 25th at 1 PM EST by offering a free live stream event on YouTube catered to Black-owned businesses. Their expert Digital Coaches will lead digital skills workshops, highlight successful businesses and entrepreneurs from the community, and share insights to help you reach new customers, thrive online, and grow your business


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