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Remote Team Collaboration Tips


If you are not accustomed to working remotely, collaborating with your team while practicing social distancing can feel like a stretch assignment! How does one nurture relationships, demonstrate accountability and manage productivity during this time? Here are a few we believe implementing these strategies can help:

Set Clear Expectations- Have a candid conversation with your manager, colleagues and clients about what work remotely looks like for you. Does part of your routine include caring for others, homeschooling, etc? Be transparent about your needs. If you need flexible work hours, or video calls to all take place during a certain time, ask for those accommodations. If everyone is aligned on needs and expectations, there are less surprises and this helps keep relationships in tact. 

Look Behind or Ahead-Use any downtime to peak in to the future or past for any team project(s) that were shelved either due to bandwidth or lacking priority at the time and suggest pushing them back up. Getting ahead of work is a great way to demonstrate leadership on your teams right now. 

Asking For Assistance -  Ensure that you are setting yourself up for success not failure. New technologies can be difficult to adapt to and there is no shame in asking for help. If you require support from your team or manager to complete a specific task, request what you need. The alternative is potentially damaging your professional brand and that can be avoided with asks for help. 

Keep pushing, we are all pivoting right now. 


Below are some of the tips Coach Alicia Wade shared on how you can develop yourself right now:

"I have been taking advantage of webinars daily and network at the same time. A local organization - Greater Houston Business Chamber is offering webinars Tuesday and Thursday every week. I list this resource because I am being introduced to local professionals/subject matter experts and I connect virtually on LinkedIn, able to dive into different topics, and the cadence creates a routine to look forward to."



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