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What We Do at C-Suite Coach

I often get asked: “What does C-Suite Coach do?” and I wanted to share some insight into our mission, business & offerings.

The WHAT — C-Suite Coach empowers professionals to reach their full potential through career advancement resources. We partner with Fortune 500 companies to provide industry-leading coaching and training experiences that develop talent while fostering equity & inclusion.

The HOW — It all starts with building relationships with organizations to understand their goals, and then curating unique solutions to reach those goals. At C-Suite Coach, we leverage a full suite of services to support our partners, including:

Career Coaching

Program Development & Management

Content Design & Delivery.

The WHY — I started this business because the disparities in professional opportunities I’ve witnessed my entire life made one thing clear — there are diverse, intelligent, inspirational professionals who are stuck in their careers because they do not have resources readily available to help them level up. They are not given the opportunities for promotion, sponsorship, and coaching that are needed to take their careers to new heights — and C-Suite Coach is here to change that.

The WHO — Our C-Suite Coach network unites a growing community of diverse career coaches across the country. As an organization, we empower each coach to best serve their clients and write their story, every single day.

The WHEN — C-Suite Coach can partner with organizations of any size, at any point in their DEI journey. We’ve been fortunate to provide our support to amazing companies like — Google, Major League Baseball, Wayfair, Black Ambition, and Union Pacific Railroad.


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