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Carla Michelle, PhD

Executive Coach

You may know why you took the position. But now, you're questioning what is important to your career growth and your next steps in discovering how to utilize your skills and talents to your best advantage. Dr. Carla Michelle supports her clients with her straightforward, perceptive, and intuitive coaching style that focuses on the solutions for a better outcome while fortifying personal and professional values.

Carla enjoys combining her experience as a Business Psychologist (Ph.D.) along with the successful components of psychotherapy (Masters - Marriage Family Therapy) and certification in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to coach leaders within Dell Technologies, Legends, Nationwide, Joybird, Kaiser Permanente, as well as top-producing entrepreneurs across various industries in leadership development, resiliency, effective communication styles, strategic planning for career advancement, and dismantling psychological patterns (Imposter Syndrome) that impede innate skills, talents, and self-value.

"Dr. Carla helps illuminate my blind spots and then she gives me tools to use them in ways that support my personal and career growth." (Executive Leader – Dell Technologies)

This testimonial is an example of why Carla loves coaching! Nothing rivals her passion for cultivating, strengthening, and propelling you towards your desired goal while assisting in empowering and maintaining:

Strategic use of your talents
Insight to conquer your challenging workday
Optimism for your higher engagement and productivity
Ownership of your value at work
Growth mindset to awaken career opportunities

Carla is proud to be a part of the 50+ club which affords her over 20 years of experience supporting the personal and professional growth of those she has worked with. She has lived through and overcame financial hardships, divorce, and homelessness. In addition, she is proud of how she has effectively reinvented herself by obtaining and utilizing her Master's and Ph.D. while simultaneously working a full-time job and raising her four children (now grown) as a single mother.

Additional Details

Certified in:
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Working with Diverse Populations

Highly Proficient in:
Saboteur Assessment
Hogan Assessment
CliftonStrengths (Gallup StrengthsFinder)
BetterUp Whole Person Assessment

Top Services:
Dismantling Imposter Syndrome
Value Awareness = Earning Requirements

Top Services 
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