Dr. Danielle Jenkins

Leadership and Executive Coach, Career Coaching, Women's Empowerment, Small Business Coach, Workplace Wellness

Are you interested in advancing your career into a leadership role or starting a business? Dr. Danielle Jenkins is an Institute for Life Coach Training (ILCT) certified empowerment and transformational coach who works with individuals, companies, and organizations committed to living life in a powerful, meaningful, and fulfilling way! She is passionate about working with and developing effective leaders, transforming work cultures, creating more team engagement, and helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals and dreams.

Dr. Danielle has served as the Strategic Programs Director for the City of Los Angeles since 2018. She consults leaders, corporate, and community partners on city-wide strategy and program development for women and underrepresented groups to close the workforce skills gap and increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM industries.

Dr. Danielle is an organizational behavior expert with extensive experience with evidence-based people development approaches. She received her Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership and Organizational Behavior from Pepperdine University and a Certificate of Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University.

Danielle’s passion for coaching stems from her ability to unlock human potential. She strives to help all of her clients define what success looks like and how best to measure it, identify the focus areas, and clearly define the desired outcomes.

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