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Karen Williams

Leadership Coach

Karen Williams has dedicated her career to the personal and professional development of tens of thousands of employees throughout the Fortune 500/200, academia, government and non-profit realms. With the desire to impact an even broader audience, she launched prize1924 in January of 2009. prize1924 is a Christ-inspired organization that is committed to helping individuals, teams, and organizations achieve their purpose through coaching, professional/personal development, and strategic planning.
Karen is known for facilitating critical moments of powerful quietness in the midst of the excitement and chaos of her clients’ lives, helping them to create clarity for the next strategic moves.
A key influential part of her career comes from her extensive ballet background. As a member of several dance companies, her performance on stage with ballet greats, such as Rudolph Nureyev instilled in her the grit of excellence and discipline of connecting with others through “authentic presence.”
Ballet has also fueled her relentless pursuit of health and fitness. As a certified American Council on Exercise (ACE) professional, Karen rounds out her coaching practice by bringing research-based techniques for a full mind, body and spirit coaching experience.
However, it is Karen’s Diversity and Inclusion expertise that helps her clients isolate their unique talents, gift and purpose. During the several years she spent studying Anthropology and teaching English as a Foreign Language throughout the country of Mexico, Karen gained incredible insights that she is able to apply to her work today.

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    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
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