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We equip organizations globally with the tools to cultivate inclusive work environments and propel diverse talent to the forefront. Through bespoke executive and leadership coaching, transformative training and development, and strategic and inclusive program design and management, we empower every leader to thrive and drive change.

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The C-Suite Coach Method©

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Self discovery leads to self actualization.

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Diverse talent deserve a seat at the table.

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Developing resilience is core to success in isolated spaces

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Executive presence requires business acumen.

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The C-Suite Coach Method© uses a foundation in core coaching philosophies, diversity and inclusion best practices, and millennial research. We leverage the latest research on top diverse millennial talent, and HR professionals to create programs that encourage client self-discovery, reflection, and action toward goals. 

The C-Suite Coach Network 

Our expert team of coaches, facilitators and curriculum designers bring global experience and reach – with more than 50,000 hours of combined coaching experience across all industries and regions. With coaches based in Africa, Asia, Europe and The Americas, C-Suite Coach offers in-person and virtual engagements across your footprint.  

C-Suite Coach Network


I'm proud of Google's commitment to racial equity, which is made possible by our partners, those who have been on the long journey with us, and those who will continue to be on the journey to get where we need to be. Among so many others I'm endlessly proud of our longstanding relationship with Angelina Darrisaw whose vision and resilience allows us to lift more and more groundbreaking tech and tech-enabled businesses to be every year through Digital Coaches. She is one of the MANY black business partners that have allowed Google to listen, learn and partner WITH community towards racial equity.

Chris Genteel
Directory of Supplier Diversity and Sustainability - Google 

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