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Gretchen Larsen

Gretchen has over 25 years of experience managing projects, transformation and change across a variety of industries from small non-profit organizations to medium-sized startups and Fortune 500 companies, with a diversity of
cultures and people.

Through her international experience, she has honed her skills of listening for what matters and is agile and adept in supporting people and teams to solve problems, overcome conflict, and attain success, whether in a specific role, project, or goal, or as a leader.

As a coach, she leverages a variety of approaches (positive psychology,
strengths, mindset, mindfulness, somatics, etc.) to help clients reframe
problems, shift their mindset to feel more confident, empowered and
engaged in their work and their lives.

Additional Details

Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation

Top Services 
    Civic / Government
    Human Resources
    Small Business / Startups
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