Matylda Czarnecka

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Matylda is a NYU-certified leadership coach and facilitator who supports ambitious, driven and successful trailblazers to gain clarity on what’s next and how to get there faster. Her coaching, informed by neuroscience and positive psychology, draws on research on how the brain can change and what it takes to create new habits and states of being. Clients range from seasoned professionals to new leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to become better bosses and create a powerful legacy.

In addition to coaching individuals, I design leadership training programs for companies and organizations seeking culture change, or to gain alignment and clarity on their vision, and empower their leadership teams to get there most effectively. I've coached clients in New York, Denver, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, London, and Taiwan as well as at companies including Disney, ESPN, Forbes, The We Company (formerly WeWork), Flatiron School, Barclays, MoMa, StoryCorps, and Year Up.

Prior to coaching, I founded Hackonauts, an innovation consultancy specializing in planning hackathons, conferences and tech events for clients and partners including Yahoo, Microsoft, Pearson, and IDEO, as well as universities, venture capital firms and startup accelerators. I've mentored teams in the NYC BigApps competition, the StartFast Accelerator and Startup Weekend. I also have experience as a journalist for a variety of outlets including NBC Olympics, daily newspapers in Colorado and California, and TechCrunch, where I helped launch the GreenTech section.

In my free time, you can find me adventuring around NYC and beyond, swing dancing, swimming, and eating tacos. (Just not at the same time.)

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