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Matylda Czarnecka

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Matylda equips leaders and professionals with the strategies, tools, and mindset to reach the next level of their personal and professional growth. Matylda helps you overcome personal and professional barriers so that nothing stands in the way of your success, from startup founders and serial entrepreneurs to C-suite leaders and professionals in career transition. The latest research informs her coaching in neuroscience and positive psychology. She works with the assumption that the brain is capable of change and that you are already whole, resourceful, and capable of achieving your goals.

Her approach to coaching is like archaeology – the answers, truths, and decisions are already within you, and she brings the toolkit to help excavate, examine and make sense of them together. She helps clients take the leap to learn how to achieve the next level of success and become the leader they were meant to be.

Matylda completed leadership and executive coach training at NYU and completed training in group and team coaching, mindfulness coaching, and Positive Intelligence. Before coaching, she earned an M.A. in Digital Journalism from NYU and a B.A. in Television/Radio/Film Production from Syracuse University.

Earlier in her career, Matylda founded Hackonauts, an innovation consultancy specializing in hackathons, conferences, and events for clients and partners in the tech space, including Yahoo, Microsoft, Pearson, and IDEO, as well as universities, venture capital firms, and startup accelerators. She has mentored teams in the NYC BigApps competition, the StartFast Accelerator, and Startup Weekend. In her past life, she was a journalist for the NBC Olympics, daily newspapers in Colorado and California, and TechCrunch, where she helped launch the GreenTech section.

In her free time, you can find Matylda adventuring around NYC and beyond, swing dancing, swimming, and eating tacos (just not at the same time).

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