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C-Suite Coach provides coaches and programming for companies who want to retain and engage diverse talent. Professional fulfillment and advancement should be accessible for everyone and our suite of services and talented coaching network make that possible. 

Clients Include:

For companies, C-Suite Coach provides a premium experience with qualified, vetted  coaches that also have professional industry experiences at leading


For diverse professionals, C-Suite Coach provides thoughtful career content from experienced practitioners and the most in demand career coaching services to keep you competitive.

For coaches, C-Suite Coach offers a robust community of resources. We are your business partner, your coach trainer, and your relief from the challenges of sourcing clients.

The C-Suite Coach Method    uses a foundation in core coaching philosophies, diversity and inclusion best practices and millennial research. We leverage the latest research on top diverse millennial talent, and HR professionals to create programs that encourage client self-discovery, reflection and action toward goals. 

Accessibility & Expertise

The C-Suite Coach Method


C-Suite Coach Method   focuses on Discovery, Inclusion, Resilience, and Executive Training


Outcomes include:




Career Coaching

Make decisions with a purpose and a plan. Whether you are seeking advancement in your current role, wanting to learn more about your needs to thrive at work or just want to explore what it will take to meet your goals, a career coach helps you chart your course.

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