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3 Tips For Prioritizing Your Emotional Wellbeing


How often to check in on your emotional wellness? Your feelings can affect your ability to carry out everyday activities and have an impact on your professional performance. Prioritizing your emotional wellness can help with productivity, staying on track with your goals, and increase your resilience when challenges come up (like the one we are all experiencing right now). Below are a few suggestions tips for improving your emotional wellness:

  1. Make room for all of your emotions. For example, gratitude and discomfort can coexist.  You can be thankful you have critical resources you need right now but be anxious about the health of a loved one. You can be grateful for your health and discouraged by the change of life pace. Allow yourself to feel all emotions and be gentle with yourself during this time. 

  2. Let go of #goals culture and focus on yourself as your own #goals. Comparison is the thief of joy. When you are comparing yourself to others, you only are able to compare the parts of their life that's visible to you. You don't have insight into their full picture. Aim to be inspired but don't look at anyone else for a path, instead create your own path to happiness. 

  3. Work on the stories you tell yourself about yourself. We can be the hero in our story or the villain. We can be the survivor or the victim. It all boils down to how we tell the story of who we are to ourselves. When you are telling yourself the story of your career, your life choices, make sure you write yourself a happy ending. Not happy yet? That's ok, there's still time to write the ending you like. 


New Coach Alert!

C-Suite Coach is proud to work with Google as a coach staffing, training and management firm. Since 2018, we have provided 10 coaches for the Digital Coaches Program and now we are expanding!We are excited to add Latesha Byrd as the new Charlotte/RDU Digital Coach.

Latesha Byrd - Founder and CEO of Byrd Career Consulting, is on a mission to help minority professionals turn their dreams into careers and businesses that will allow them to live life on their own terms. Please join us virtually to celebrate the launch of our new market where we will also cover Grow with Google's Partner resources as well as tools to help Charlotte/RDU businesses connect with customers and manage their businesses remotely.



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