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C-Suite Coach Offers Coaching At Essence Fest!

"From panel conversations to recruitment opportunities with our partners, E-Suite is the #1 destination for high-level career advancement at Essence Festival."

C-Suite Coach will be on-site with three of our amazing coaches, offering FREE 1:1 coaching sessions on July 1st and 2nd.

Our CEO Angelina Darrisaw will also be hosting educational workshops on digital and social media marketing for your business.

"Essence Fest E-Suite is a 2-day event at the NOPSI Hotel, geared toward providing thoughtful, informative, energetic, and culturally relevant programming featuring some of the most influential industry leaders. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn informational tools for professional development and expand their networks through interactive mini-workshops and masterclasses. Get your E Suite membership pass and access an exclusive suite for senior-level women in business below!"


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