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Campaigns and Spotlights We Love for AAPI Heritage Month!

Happy May! We are still celebrating Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month! They say advocacy starts with education. So let's continue to use this month to educate and celebrate the APPI community.

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AMEX Business Class: Building Your Digital Presence

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Campaigns and Spotlights We Love for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

The month of May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. As Millenials and Generation Z take a larger share of the workforce, companies risk attrition if they are not aligned with the values of these generations, which include inclusion, sustainability efforts, etc. For example, a recent Monster survey noted 83% of Gen Z candidates said that a company's commitment to diversity and inclusion is essential when choosing an employer. In recent years, many companies have shared public commitments to diversity and inclusion. Still, those statements lack sincerity when the company fails to speak up on a national stage to support their employees' communities. Companies must advocate for their employees of color, create systems that support them, and take a stance on social justice issues to attract and retain diverse talent.

Here a few campaigns and spotlights we enjoyed highlighting AAPI culture and history!


For Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month, Google released a blog post highlighting their artistic, social, and internal efforts to highlight the Asian Pacific American community.

"Throughout May, we’ll be elevating the voices of influential and inspirational members of the API community across our products and platforms. Today, the Google homepage celebrates the life and work of Hisaye Yamamoto, a Japanese-American author who was interned during WWII. Hisaye’s work reveals the Japanese immigrant experience in America, the disconnect between first- and second-generation immigrants, as well as the intersectional challenges she experienced.

Google Arts & Culture is also launching a hub dedicated to Asian American and Pacific Islander experiences alongside more than 48 partners, including the Museum of Chinese in America, the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, the Center for Asian American Media, and the Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design — to name a few. It features more than 114 online stories, and thousands of cultural artifacts, archives, and artworks that dive into a rich history, such as the emotional story of the Chinese Poetry engraved on the walls of Angel Island by detainees of the Immigration Station." - Full Blog