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ICYMI: C-Suite Coach Chats: Coach, Mentor & Sponsor

The Differences and Why You Need Them All

Yesterday, we hosted a conversation with our C-Suite Coaches, Dr. Danielle Jenkins, Petra Russell, and Meta (Facebook) Global Sr. DEI Programs Manager Erika Beckles, on the importance of mentorship, sponsorship, and coaches and how to utilize them all to reach your career goals.

So if you missed out or want to rewatch this insightful conversation, watch above, and don't forget to register for our next C-Suite Coach Chat below!


C-Suite Coach Chats: Rethinking Imposter Syndrome

March 2nd, 3 PM EST

Imagine you have been told either directly or indirectly for the majority of your life that your voice matters less, that you’re not as smart, not as deserving, not as capable.

Join us for a talk on tactics to combat imposter syndrome and the importance of knowing your worth when navigating the workplace. This chat will feature C-Suite Coach Marcelle Fowler, C-Suite CEO and Founder Angelina Darrisaw, and a special executive to be announced later.


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