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Making It With CNBC & Upcoming Coaches Events

Happy Monday and Women's History Month!

Our CEO will be speaking at LWD this week! "Leading Women Defined gathers the most prominent African American women in the country for poignant conversations on issues that matter to them most and their communities."


The Importance of Articulating Your Business Value

Our CEO Angelina Darrisaw, sat down with CNBC'S Make It to discuss advice for small business owners of color.

“'They always say you don’t know about racism and inequity until you see it in your face,” Darrisaw tells CNBC Make It. “In going from one part of New York to another part, it was really clear to see access gaps that existed.'”

“'Those early experiences, seeing how the zip code we lived in could determine what you had access and opportunities to do, made such an impact on me,” Darrisaw says. “I knew that in some way my life was going to be dedicated to closing gaps.'”

And that’s exactly what Darrisaw is doing. After a successful career working in business development and marketing at media companies like ESPN and Viacom, in 2015, Darrisaw launched C-Suite Coach to design coaching programs for small business owners."


How to Successfully Start a Side Hustle

Nearly 70 million Americans have a side hustle for various reasons. Check out our feature in Grow (Acorns + CNBC) for tips on how to take your side hustle to the next level.


Fast Company: Setting Yourself Apart In the Job Search

You've applied for 20 jobs and received 0 interviews, what are you doing wrong? How are you setting yourself apart during your job search?

LinkedIn is one the best tools to network with potential employers and hiring managers. 77% of recruiters say not only do they rely on LinkedIn, but the majority of their top candidates are selected through networking.

Check out our feature in Fast Company's "7 effective strategies for streamlining your job search." for more tips on how to land your next job!


Calling All Women Small Business Owners

We are halfway through Women's History Month! Although we miss seeing you at our in-person celebrations, there is still plenty of programming to join. Our coaches are hosting events to celebrate women all month long.

ICYMI: Here's a throwback to our event a few years ago, Women Leading in Business – A Panel And Workshop Featuring Female Entrepreneurs.


Grow with Google will be providing resources and digital tools throughout the month to help elevate U.S. women, small business owners. Remember, all of our workshops are FREE and you can join regardless of location.


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