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You Don't Want To Miss This: Forbes, CNBC, MLB, And Google!

Happy Monday!

This week we completed our second event with MLB to scale Black businesses. Our presentation focused on growing your business during a crisis. We discussed tactics for building relationships, virtual networking, and business-to-business proposal formats.

Thank you to everyone who attended! However, we don't want everyone to miss out on this valuable information, so we are sharing the recaps. Let us know you're watching and tweet us any questions or comments at @CSuiteCoach.


Register for the Grow with Google Small Business Meetup

Join Grow With Google and US Black Chambers on 2/25 for a free live stream for Black-owned businesses, including workshops led by Digital Coaches, info on the ByBlack.US initiative, and other CARES Act programs. You will also have the opportunity to hear directly from other successful business owners.


Check out our feature in Forbes!

Our CEO, Angelina Darrisaw sat down this week with Forbes to discuss "How Resilience Became The Superpower She Harnessed to Push Her Business Forward." Angelina discussed pivoting during COVID-19, advice for women business owners to scale their business, and ways to strengthen resiliency.

"I think that for a lot of different reasons as women and as Black women, we're not socialized always to think about finances or back of house things, [from] accounting, to thinking about protecting ourselves legally, and those things leave us vulnerable to our businesses sustaining themselves in difficult times. And so, I would say the biggest piece of advice I have for Black women entrepreneurs is: we have to eat our vegetables and do the things that are the back of house things that keep a business running…there are many challenges that are unique to this pandemic that have nothing to do with that but that is a theme that I see consistently." Read More


Look we're in Grow (Acorns + CNBC)!

Check us out in Grow's “This is the most obvious’ thing missing from the racial wealth gap conversation, Black experts say,” article!

Our CEO, Angelina Darrisaw challenges companies to be more transparent about their wages and income. “We need to hold more companies accountable for being open with any of the pay inequity that they may have and having a plan to address it.” It is important to negotiate your salary, but if we don’t know what our peers are making we don’t know the expectations of what we should be getting paid in a role. Read More


Black-owned startup NeoHealth to participate in Google initiative

"Chapman was first introduced to Google workshops while earning his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan and has since relied on the tech giant’s free workshops to pick up new skills. He is one of hundreds of Black small business owners across the U.S. to participate in the Grow with Google Digital Coaches program, which offers three to five free digital skills workshops" (photo courtesy of Pittsburgh Business Times)"On Feb. 25, Chapman will represent Pittsburgh at a national virtual meetup of more than 500 Black and Latinx business owners and entrepreneurs from the 20 cities the Digital Coaches program operates in. Google scheduled the event, which will include skills workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, to celebrate Black History Month."


4 Inspirational Quotes from Black CEOs and Leaders

"We all set our sights on jobs we want, titles we covet. But, like dating the wrong person, we have to learn to understand what is truly for us and be willing to break up and find the real thing."

Stacey Abrams, voting rights activist

"Nobody gets to their goals alone. Nobody."

Jon Platt, Chairman, and CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing

"You can’t duplicate what someone else is doing. You can certainly look to them for inspiration, but you can never be someone else; you can only be you. You don’t know what it took for them to get where they are. I say to always work hard, remain original, have passion, and love what you are doing. If you are doing that, you’ll be successful in your own right."

Monique Rodriguez, CEO, and founder of Mielle Organics.

"If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair."

Shirley Chisholm, the first Black women elected to the US Congress


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